WWE's Uncle Howdy is Bo Dallas?

Since the appearance of Uncle Howdy on this week’s episode of SmackDown, the Internet has been buzzing with rumors and speculation about his identity. Since his return to WWE, Bray Wyatt has made it known that he is forming a new stable. On Friday, Wyatt addressed the crowd and said that this is ‘the most real and best version of himself, but there is a part of him that likes that he’s not afraid to do horrible things.’ Creepy, right? Then, a mysterious figure appears on the big screen. He tells Bray Wyatt that he can never hide from him. He calls himself “Uncle Howdy.”

One clue that some websites have pointed out is the fact that Uncle Howdy can be seen wearing an earring with a cross. This is the same earring that Bray Wyatt’s real life brother, Bo Dallas, has been seen wearing. Now, we have also heard rumors that Bo Dallas is returning to WWE as well, so it makes sense that he is part of Wyatt’s new faction.