Theory wins 2022 Men's Money in the Bank Ladder match

Just moments before the bell rang for the men’s ladder match at Money in the Bank tonight, WWE Official Adam Pearce announced the addition of an eighth participant to the match: Theory. Earlier on tonight’s pay-per-view, Theory lost his United States Championship to Bobby Lashley. Theory’s reign lasted 78 days as WWE United States Champion. Theory defeated Seth Rollins, Riddle, Omos, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Sami Zayn, and Madcap Moss in tonight’s main event at Money in the Bank in Las Vegas.

The prize for winning the Money in the Bank briefcase is a contract for a world championship match. The winner can cash in the contract at a time and place of their choosing anytime within the next year – beginning the night they win the briefcase. If the contract is not used within that year, it is voided, but this has yet to happen. Only the holder of the Money in the Bank contract can be the one to cash-in the contract.