Finn Bálor Returns to SmackDown

Finn Bálor returns to SmackDown

Fans weren’t the only ones who returned to Friday Night Smackdown tonight! The Prince of Darkness, Finn Bálor, returned to the WWE’s main roster. Bálor’s return to SmackDown was his first appearance on the main roster since his SummerSlam 2019 loss to “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. He has worked the WWE NXT brand since October 2019, but has not been seen since dropping the NXT Title to Karrion Kross on the May 25th 2021 show.

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown was broadcast live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas with a full capacity audience of fans. Bálor returned during the segment when Sami Zayn was ranting to the audience about how there is a conspiracy against him. While insulting the audience, Zayn was interrupted by Bálor’s music and entrance. Bálor then faced off with Sami Zayn in the middle of the ring.

Sami Zayn welcomed Bálor back and tried to swing at him, but Bálor dodged Zayn and then delivered an elbow and running dropkick. Bálor finished Zayn off by climbing to the top rope and hit him with Bálor’s finisher, Coup de Grace.