Former WWF Star Barry Orton Dies at 62

Former WWF wrestler Barry Orton Passes away at 62

Randall Barry Orton passed away on March 19, 2021 at the age of 62 in Kanas City, Missouri. Orton is the son of Bob Orton Sr., brother of ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton Jr., and the uncle of WWE’s Randy Orton.

Orton made his professional wrestling debut in 1976. He wrestled for the WWF from 1985 to 1986 and then from 1990 to 1991. His ring name was “Barry O” and he was used mainly as enhancement talent. Orton’s wrestling career ended in 1992 and although he wasn’t employed by WWF at the time, he was a key figure in the sex scandal that was filed against the company.

In the 1990s, Orton made a transition from wrestling into movies, starring in minor roles. In 1992, Barry appeared on the talk show, Donahue, along with Superstar Billy Graham, Bruno Sammartino and others to voice their concern about sexual harassment in the wrestling industry. Vince McMahon was also on the show to defend himself and the company. Due to his vocal opinions against the WWF and the sexual harassment that is involved, he became blacklisted by the company and many were instructed not to talk to him, while many others were afraid to. Orton came out of retirement in 2011 for one night for Pro Wrestling Guerilla participating in a battle royal which was won by Roddy Piper.

Barry Orton had been married four times and leaves behind four children.