NEW WWE & United States Champions

The Miz is the New WWE Champion!

Tonight’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view saw two BIG title changes. The Miz is now the WWE Champion and Riddle (Matt) is the United States Champion!

After Bobby Lashley attacked Drew McIntyre, The Miz ran to the ring and finally cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. The Miz hit a kick to the leg and a basement DDT but only got a two count. He then did a Skull Crushing Finale on McIntyre and won the pinfall!

Riddle is the New United States Champion

Riddle defeated Bobby Lashley and John Morrison to win the United States Championship. During the match, Riddle grabbed MVP’s crutch (stolen by Morrison) and used it to attack Lashley before hitting Morrison with Bro Derek to score the win and title.