WWE’s Mick Foley Tests Positive for COVID-19

Mick Foley has tested positive for the coronavirus. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed on Twitter last night that he tested positive for the virus after being exposed at a virtual signing on December 12. According to Mick, there were only two other people at the virtual signing event and one of them later reported symptoms of COVID to him. Mick tested positive for the virus five days later.

Since then, Foley has been in quarantine for the last 18 days in a hotel room. He posted a message to fans on his Twitter account detailing his experience with COVID-19. Mick reported that he has been experiencing several symptoms of the virus including body aches, fatigue, and loss of smell. He also said his hearing has been affected.

As a result of contracting the virus and his quarantine, Foley said he was unable to spend Christmas and New Year’s with his family. Mick is urging the public to take COVID-19 seriously and expressed his regret about removing his mask during the event.

Get well, Mick Foley!