Big E’s Push, Eva Marie’s Return and more …

  • There has been lots of speculation by various sources that the reason WWE split up The New Day during the WWE Draft, is that Big E is going to get a singles run. Apparently, this kind of push would be hard if Big E was still part of The New Day stable. Big E was drafted to SmackDown while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were assigned to RAW.
  • Dave Meltzer revealed on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is discussing plans for a rivalry between Lars Sullivan and Braun Strowman in 2021.
  • Cultaholic.com is reporting that former WWE Superstar Eva Marie is returning to WWE. Marie previously wrestled in WWE from 2013 to 2017 and had memorable runs on NXT and SmackDown. 
  • Seth Rollins has a real life beef with Matt Riddle considering his comments on “WWE Watch Along” during the first night of the WWE Draft. Rollins said, “I’ve got no interest in facing Matt Riddle at any point in my career, so he can go to RAW as far as I’m concerned.”

    It’s been speculated that this all started because Matt Riddle’s wife made derogatory comments about Becky Lynch (Seth Rollins’ real life fiancée). In November 2019, Lisa Riddle body-shamed Rollins’ fiancée in a post on Instagram. Riddle received a ton of backlash from that post and she deleted it, but the damage was definitely done.

Eva Marie
Eva Marie’s return to WWE is imminent