June 16, 2021


Michael Paris is a 34-year-old professional wrestler from Los Angeles, California. He is currently signed with the WWE and performs on NXT under the ring name, Joaquin Wilde.

Paris started training to become a wrestler in 2003 at the Coalition of Competition in Pennsylvania. He made his wrestling debut as, Shiima Xion, the “first Filipino male model of wrestling” on August 21, 2004, against Jason Gory for Black Diamond Wrestling. Paris competed throughout West Virginia and Ohio until 2004 since he was under 18.

Paris’ International Wrestling Cartel Debut

Once he turned 18, Paris began competing regularly for the International Wrestling Cartel, as well as making appearances in Chikara, Far North Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Unplugged. By 2006, Paris’ Xion persona evolved into more of a glam rock star than a male model. He began wearing make-up to the ring, and had also changed his hair color from black to red/blonde. Xion’s hair style soon became his trademark, becoming best known for hairspraying his hair during matches.

In 2011, Paris began wrestling for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and he is best known for his work for the promotion. He was a two-time X Division Champion and wrestled using the ring names DJZ and Zema Ion for the promotion.

Between 2004 to 2019, Paris worked for various wrestling promotions including Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), Far North Wrestling and Mexican promotions including International Wrestling Revolution Group, Lucha POP and X-Project.

Paris’ WWE Contract & Debut

In 2019, WWE offered Paris a WWE contract and was given the ring name, Joaquin Wilde. He made his in ring debut in the NXT Breakout Tournament losing in the first round to Angel Garza. In December, he made his debut on WWE’s 205 Live show defeating a local competitor.

On the April 1st episode of NXT, after a match with Kushida, Wilde was abducted in the parking lot by a van full of men in black clothes and luchador masks. Wilde made his return on June 10th; it was then revealed Wilde along with Mendoza were revealed as the mysterious masked men. They aligned themselves with Santos Escobar as they attacked Drake Maverick.

On the June 17 episode of NXT, Escobar revealed the name of his new faction with Wilde and Mendoza to be “El Legado del Fantasma.” Escobar, Wilde and Mendoza then attacked Maverick putting him through a table.

Joaquin Wilde
Joaquin Wilde


Birth name: Michael Paris
Born: October 5, 1986, Los Angeles, California, USA
Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight: 180 lb (82 kg)
Spouse: Rebecca Schott
Children: 1
Ring Name(s): DJZ, DJ Zema, Joaquin Wilde, Michael Montecarlo, Shiima Xion, Zema Ion
Current Roster: WWE NXT
Finishing Move(s): 630° senton

Joaquin Wilde’s Social Media:

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Career Championships and Accomplishments

  • AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
    • AAW Heritage Championship (2 times)
  • Absolute Intense Wrestling
    • AIW Absolute Championship (1 time)
    • Absolute Intense Wrestling Intense Championship (1 time)
    • AIW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
    • Todd Pettengill Invitational (2011)
    • Triple Crown Champion
  • Championship Wrestling Experience
    • CWE Undisputed Championship (1 time)
  • Dramatic Dream Team
    • Takechi Six Man Tag Scramble Cup (2006)
  • Far North Wrestling
    • FNW Cruiserweight Championship (2 times)
  • Glory Pro Wrestling
    • United Glory Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Independent Wrestling Association East Coast
    • IWA East Coast Zero-G Crown (2008)
  • International Wrestling Cartel
    • IWC Super Indy Championship (2 times)
    • IWC Tag Team Championship (2 times)
    • World Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
    • IWC Super Indy IX Tournament (2010)
  • International Pro Wrestling
    • IPW Texas Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
  • Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide
    • Best Match of the Night (2017)
  • New Era Pro Wrestling
    • NEPW United States Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Real Championship Wrestling
    • RCW Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)
  • Total Nonstop Action Wrestling / Impact Wrestling
    • Impact World Tag Team Championship (1 time)
    • TNA / Impact X Division Championship (2 times)
    • TNA X Division Championship Tournament (2012)
    • Feast or Fired (2013 – X Division Championship contract)